Sandblasting quickly and efficiently removes rust, old paint and residue from
from your favorite metal surfaces.

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Sandblasting Services in Delta

Sandblasting is a process of forcibly removing material from metal by propelling a stream of sand or other particles at it. Sandblasting is an important technique that we use to remove unwanted materials from any metal surfaces as part of the preparation process before powder coating. Sandblasting can be done with different types of sand (silica, aluminum oxide) and has been used for many purposes over the past few decades.

Why Sandblasting is Important?

5 Benefits of Sandblasting Before Powder Coating

  • Removes any surface contaminants
  • Removes any surface rust
  • Removes any surface paint or coatings
  • Helps remove scratches and casting marks
  • Improves the adhesion of the powder coating to the substrate

Make to sandblast safely

Blasting before coating is an essential step in our 5 stages of powder coating process for cleaning and protecting metals and to deliver amazing results. Sandblasting is a proven cleaning method , provides also better protection and helps the primer bond to the metal surfaces which makes them last much longer. Durability is one of the main reasons why powder coating is growing in popularity and we make sure our efforts are worthwhile. Our results speak for themselves!

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Satin Black Prismatic Powders Magnesium Rim coated by 5 degree

Sandblasting before powder coating

Sandblasting can be dangerous if it is not performed in a safe environment with the right equipment. Attempting to sandblast on your own can be dangerous without the proper safety precaution in place that eliminate the dangers of toxic silica exposure. We at Five Degree Powder Coating have several years of experience and always get the job done without putting anyone at risk. Contact us regarding any of your sandblasting & powder coating needs in Delta and the lower mainland. We have everything ready to get the job done safely and effectively and deliver great results in no time.