Chemical Stripping Of Rims

Most surfaces from metallic items to fiberglass, nylon, polypropylene, and so on, are usually covered with some form of paint to enhance its appearance and to potentially prevent some wear and tear. There are several methods to paint different surfaces, out of which painting and powder coating are the most commonly preferred methods. Not only are these processes cost-efficient and revive old surfaces, but they can also protect surfaces from abrasions and corrosions.

However, before you opt for either of these painting methods, you should understand their main differences. You can choose the best surface treatment method according to the requirements of your specific project & surfaces ranging from automotive parts, car or motorcycle wheels & rims, equipment etc…

Painting Vs Powder Coating Process

The process of painting is pretty simple. Usually, in most cases, a paint brush or spray paint is used to cover the entire surface with a color, often after using a primer depending on the types of surface. On the other hand, powder coating uses dry powder and sandblasting to clean the surfaces and prep them for the application of the finer powder mixture.The powder application involves electrostatic and heat. For details about the process, check out our 5 stages of powder coating application.

Sandblasted Rim

Painting Vs Powder Coating Durability

Powder coating is the clear winner when comparing painting and powder coating based on performance and durability. Regular paint tends to wear off after a while and is more likely to chip or get scratched when exposed to the elements or objects. Scratches can happen rather easily, like when rims lighty rub against a curb and ruins a perfect finish.

On the other hand, powder coating is much more durable, and the layer doesn’t get stripped off easily. This is indeed one of the major benefits of powder coating as its finish looks great and can last for decades. A powder coating finish is far less likely to chip or scratch even when exposed to natural element are undesired objects.

Painting Vs Powder Coating Results

Traditional painting methods and colors look great when done properly. It adds to the overall aesthetics of the components. For instance, when you paint the car surfaces with a glossy red or black color, it can change and give the entire chassis a prominent look. On the other hand, powder coating offer a selection of over 6000 colors and has increased durability to maintain a beautiful unique finish for 20+ years…that is had to beat it terms of long-term results!

Painting VS Powder Coating Costs

Powder coating tends to be cheaper than wet pain if you calculate its durability and long lasting results. It is proven that powder coating can last and look great for over 2 decades when properly applied by an experienced professional. If you are looking to improve something over the short-term that you are potentially looking to sell, wet pain can do the trick and is an easier option if you plan on doing it yourself.

In conclusion, both traditional painting and powder coating methods offer a great selection of colors and provide greats results. Depending on your project, surfaces & budget you now know the main differences between these 2 popular painting methods. If you have any automotive or motorcycle parts, or wheels & rims that required professional powder coating, make sure to contact Five Degree Powder Coating Surrey and we will get you fixed up in no time.

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